It is a company made up of people who for over 20 years have been providing solutions for industrial inkjet coding on all fields of application and for every printable surface. The history of Ink Service began in 1992, when people who were already working in the industrial sector for coding, had the idea of ​​starting their own business and starting a promotional activity on inks and solvents for ink jet coders. But that's not all: the innovative idea is to offer production companies not only consumables for their machines, but also technical assistance. This has always been the strength of Ink Service: to offer a service to manufacturers that is truly 360 °. Over time, our growing credibility and trust of our customers, technological innovations and new ideas have enabled us to reach the turning point: the true core business of Ink Service begins in the 2000s: the production of inks and solvents for all coders industrial inkjet printers on the international market.


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In the last 10 years, we have not only increased the production of inks, but today we are able to offer a stable, excellent product, tailored to the customer and without any equal, especially in the pigmented white color. Our ink production has become increasingly more refined: in 2011 we became a company producing industrial inks with ATECO 20.3 code and we invested in a new location. Since 2013, we have an entire industrial and production complex owned: 1500 square meters mainly divided into four macro-areas:

1) Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control;
2) Production of industrial Inks and Solvents for ink jet coders;
3) Technical Assistance Laboratory;
4) Design and commissioning laboratory for coders (CIJ Printer).

Why a Design and Commissioning Laboratory? Because more and more our customers ask us not a product, but a solution: we are able to collect the specific requests of each individual customer: desired ink color, desired density, printable surface, 24 h production requirements or special production at very high speeds , food or mek-free inks, oil based inks in various colors and shades.
Or: solutions for environments that are too dusty, too hot, too cold ... any environmental problem and line requirement is carefully analyzed by our staff, reproduced, studied in detail to be able to offer what we believe can be our best solution.
But that's not enough: we know that our customer increasingly has different needs; from today, we can offer not just any inkjet coder, but our inkjet coder, with cutting-edge software and always in constant and constant updating, created in collaboration with a German company, the Drucker InkJet®, to satisfy all industrial marking needs at 360 °.
And again: we offer a courtesy service for customers who need to send us markers in technical assistance, so that they do not have to stop the production line; we offer a rental service from daily to monthly that can cover those non-continuous productions to meet the needs of producers on behalf of third parties; we offer a refresh service on some spare parts; and last but not least, we also offer a sale of used and completely reconditioned markers for all those Customers who specifically request it.
Ink Service operates throughout the national territory through a tested network of agents, retailers and technicians able to guarantee an efficient technical / commercial support; operates in the international territory thanks to selected distributors present in most of the European and extra-European territory.

"Ink Service: we give life to your color"